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Arena Match

Play Arena games with any weapon and customize various other aspects of the gameplay.
Last update: 2003-03-31

BeyondUnreal Forums Bonus Pack

This is an updated, network-compatible version of the BUF Bonus Pack mutator. It contains some bugfixes and a few new features.
Last update: 2003-05-08

Combo InstaGib

Combine InstaGib and shock combos!
Last update: 2003-03-31

Enhanced Items Mod

Enhancements for UT weapons, items and relics.
Last update: 2003-09-08

EnhancedItems Source

Note: The Scripting Guide will not be continued and parts of it might even be outdated. Do not recompile the EnhancedItems and EIChallengeHUD packages to prevent version mismatch errors with my mods. Mail me if you have problems understanding certain parts or drop me a line on my UnrealWiki page or in one of the forums I'm registered at. (see the Links page)
Last update: 2003-10-19

Flag Mutator CTF

Capture The Flag for Flag Effects and One Flag CTF
Last update: 2001-12-29

Long Range Target Identification

You think the range of UT's target identification info is too small? This might be the mutator you were looking for.
Last update: 2003-03-31

GUI Extensions

Useful add-ons and skins for the UT user interface.
Last update: 2002-09-20

JB Transloc

Jailbreak doesn't allow you to enable or disable the Translocator from its user interface, because it's a per-zone setting for Jailbreak maps.
JBTransloc allows you to enable or disable the Translocator on the whole map overriding the mapper's settings.
Last update: 2003-05-24

JB Wrong Jail

WrongJail makes sure players don't camp inside the enemy jail as it sends a message to all players and either teleports that player into his own jail, kills him in one of several ways or helps the jailed players to kill that player by removing ammo or armor and health.
Last update: 2003-09-08

Quake 3 Tournament

You like Quake 3, but you want to play UT? Try Q3T, it brings the powerups and some gameplay from Q3A and Q3:TA to Unreal Tournament.
Last update: 2002-04-18

Redeemer 2k4

UT2004's Redeemer visual effects for the UT Redeemer and Relic of Vengeance.
Last update: 2007-09-28

Old version:

Relic HUD Patch

This mutator solves problems with the HUD icon of the Relic mutators. For details read Unreal Wiki: Relics Patch.
Last update: 2003-07-24

Rockets UT

This is the Beta 5 of version 1.1.
Version 1.0 is no longer available for download because I can't stand its buggyness anymore. ;-)
Last update: 2002-10-05

Team Beacon 2k4

Adds UT2004-style team beacons over players' heads..
Last update: 2007-09-29

UT UnrealScript sources

Exported UnrealScript source files for Unreal Tournament.

Who Pushed Me?

Pushing someone nolonger counts as suicide for the other guy, but as kill for you.
Last update: 2002-06-22

Patches And Bugfixes

This section contains small fixes that mostly apply to more than one of my mods, like the EnhancedItems.u or the enhanced player icon.

Note to Webmasters and News Sites

Do not link to the individual files. Please either mirror the files or link to this download page instead.

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