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General questions:

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What is Anti TCC?

Anti TCC is a security mutator which was originally based on the code of UTSecure v2.11 and still is in some ways similar to UTSecure.
The main goals of Anti TCC are the detection of modified files and SET command cheats or tweaks (the so-called temporary console commands or TCCs), but many other features like detection of zoom cheats, invisible player hack, center view usage or frequent NetSpeed changes are also available.

What features does Anti TCC offer?

Anti TCC can perform the following checks:
QuickMD5 check of itself and the current map, MD5 check of any file, default UT2003 character entries, SET command checks, check for zoom cheats, check for Center View usage, NetSpeed checks, check for modified player classes, high DefaultTexMipBias setting for the Direct3D render device, blocking of insecure console commands, serverside logging of client's loaded packages.

As reactions to transgressions Anti TCC can:
Only log the transgression, display a message, kick the player, ban the player for this match, ban the player permanently from the server or apply a more subtile punishment known as 'llamaizing' the player. This effect is similar to the llama effect from UT Jailbreak III where players who attack recently released opponents or rejoin to get out of jail are tagged as the Llama and have a distorted view until they die.

Clients connected to an Anti TCC server can:
See their own CD key hash on connect, view other players' CD key hashes via the ShowIDscommand, view other names a player has used on the server via the Whoiscommand.

Where can I download Anti TCC?

You can get the latest public version of Anti TCC in the download section of this site.

How do I have to install Anti TCC?

If you're only a player who wants to play on a server protected by Anti TCC you only have to make sure you have patched UT2003 to v2199 or v2225. Anti TCC will be downloaded automatically from the server on connect.

For server admins the installation procedure is described in the Anti TCC manual which is included in the ZIP file you can downloadfrom this site.

How does Anti TCC work?

There are three different types of checks in Anti TCC:
The serverside-only PawnClass check, checks that are automatically executed on the client and only report back to the server if something suspicious was found (e.g. the FOV and Center View checks) and checks on the client requested by the server.
Most checks belong in the last group and many of them wait for a reply from the client, otherwise the client times out and usually is removed from the game.

At the start of a match Anti TCC performs some checks on the server to ensure it is configured correctly. It adds a ServerPackages entry if neccessary and calculates the QuickMD5 of the Anti TCC package and the current map. Also the PlayerController class is changed to Anti TCC's secure PlayerController class if possible to block insecure console commands.

Is there any version history available?

The Anti TCC changelog is right here.

Modified Package Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server has determined that the file filenameis not acceptable.
his is often caused by modifications to the original file. If you have modified this file, please restore it. If you feel this message is in error, please try another server."

If you get this message please make sure you didn't modify the specified file. You can try connecting to other servers running Anti TCC or UTSecure and see if it happens there too if you're not sure whether you modified the file or the server admin accidently configured the Anti TCC with the wrong MD5 checksum. Another reason for this message could be, that there are several versions of this file and either your version is outdated or the server admin didn't notice there's a new version available. You should contact the server admin in this case.

How to restore a modified file

To restore custom mod files you can either try deleting the file and download it from the server again or reinstall the mod.

To restore a UT2003 .U file you only need to (re)install the latest patch. For other UT2003 files need to find the original file on the UT2003 CDs. Most original files are compressed, i.e. they have the extension .uz2 and you need to decompress them after copying them to the correct UT2003 subdirectory.
To decompress a file open a DOS box, switch to the UT2003\System directory and type "UCC Decompresspath and filename of the compressed file ".
This example decompresses the PlayerSkins.utx.uz2 which was copied to the UT2003\Textures directory already:


D:\>cd UT2003\System

D:\UT2003\System>ucc decompress ..\Textures\PlayerSkins.utx.uz2
Decompressed ..\Textures\PlayerSkins.utx.uz2 -> ..\Textures\PlayerSkins.utx

Modified Character Entry Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server has determined the character entry for character name is not allowed.
Please check your .UPL files to make sure they have not been modifed or that duplicate entries do not exist. This message might be caused by improperly installed custom models or skins."

Having a modified character entry is not always an indication that a player is cheating.
Some early user skins instructed users to modify the file XPlayersL1.upl, but this is not the proper method for loading a user skin and will trigger the detection.

How to restore XPlayersL1.upl

This file can be found in the System directory of UT2003 CD1. Simply overwrite your modified version with the original file from the CD.

SET Hack Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server as detected the set hack nbame.
Please restart and do not load any script hacks to play here, this includes modifications to the appearance of certain objects like projectiles or pickups."

Not everyone thinks SET command tweaks are real cheats, but still Anti TCC blocks many of these so-called TCCs.
Anti TCC shows the level of TCC checks in the server details. "Basic" means only critical things like weapon shake, dead body filter, bright player and/or projectile skins, modified fog and the shader wallhack are checked for. The "Some" option also checks for modified firing effects, disabled smoke, modified sniper zoom HUD and single-colored sky. "All" checks for a huge array of tweaks including Simple Items and modifications to Emitters and xEmitters.
If you executed one or more TCCs you need to restart UT2003 without loading any tweak packs before you can connect to a server with all checks enabled.

Note: If the client uses a UT2003 version prior to 2166 (or one of the beta versions) this message could be triggered even without any cheats loaded. Also some mutators incorrectly modify the default values of certain critical properties like the ragdoll life span. In this case Anti TCC can not tell that this wasn't the result of a SET command and will detect a SET hack. You should contact the other mod's author if this is the case for your server.

Error Verifying Packages

Anti TCC message:
"The server could not verify the file filename.
This message is displayed because an important file could not be found or a non-optional package isn't loaded. Please contact the server admin if you think the file or package filenameshould be optional."

This message is triggered when Anti TCC can't find the specified file or the package package isn't loaded on the client but the server admin has specified, that it is not optional. Anti TCC preloads the packages Aliens, Bot, HumanMaleA, HumanFemaleA, BrightPlayerSkins and TTM2003_skins on the client and certain other packages like PlayerSkins, Jugg or Weapons are always loaded.
You should probably contact the server admin so he or she can check whether the GUID of the file is correct, maybe make the file optional or remove the check.

Important information for serveradmins:For some reason version 1.09 of Anti TCC adds a Checks entry for itself with a wrong GUID and MD5 by default. If you get this message for the Anti TCC .U file you need to copy the [AntiTCC109.AntiTCCSecurity] section from the file AntiTCC109DefINI.txt to the server's INI file. Make sure the server isn't running while you upload the new INI file and make sure you actually modify the correct INI file.

Illegal Console Command

Anti TCC message:
"The server has restricted access to unverified packages [description] during the game.
lease do not use any console commands capable of loading packages clientside."

This message means you tried to use console commands that have been disabled because they can be used to load packages clientside, bypassing the built-in checks.

Players getting kicked with this message most likely tried to cheat.

Illegal File(s) Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server has found one or more files in your game directory which can be used for cheating.
Please remove those files (e.g. filename), restart and do not load any script hacks to play here. If you feel this message is in error, please contact the server admin or try another server."

Anti TCC allows server admins to prevent clients from connecting when they have certain files.
One popular example is an OpenGL wallhack that uses a modified OpenGL32.dll which according to the readme needs to be placed in the UT2003\System directory. UT2003 itself doesn't have this file so disallowing it doesn't cause problems for players not using this particular wallhack.

Please note that many cheat files can simply be renamed to prevent detection through this method. You shouldn't prevent things like tweak packages this way, the SET command checks are pretty effective already.

Zoom Cheat Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server has determined that you just used a SET command to change your zoom level.
Please do not use any script hacks to play here."

This message means you found a way to change the desired zoom level with a weapon that doesn't have a zoom feature. This is a very disruptive cheat in InstaGib games where a hit means a kill and players aren't allowed to zoom.

Modified Anti TCC Detected

Anti TCC message:
"A modification to Anti TCC was detected on your client.
If you feel this message is in error, please try removing Anti TCC and download it from the server or try another server."

This message means one of Anti TCC's integrity checks failed. Unless disabled, Anti TCC calculates checksums of its check lists and compares the clientside and serverside results as well as the state of the clientside actor responsible for FOV and Center View checks. Like the SET hack message, this message can be caused by an old version of UT2003 prior to v2166.

Bad Detail Setting Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server admin has disallowed DefaultTexMipBias values higher than 0.0 on this server.
Please reduce the DefaultTexMipBias in the [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] section of your UT2003.ini to a value below 0.0 if you want to play on this server."

By default Anti TCC prevents clients from using a DefaultTexMipBias higher than 0 because this setting can extremely blur the textures so they look like plain colors. In Quake 3 Arena this effect is known as PicMip and seems to be widely used, but in the Unreal community many see it as a cheat.
Anti TCC v1.10 will reset the DefaultTexMipBias to a valid value on connect, so players detected enabled it during the game.

Bad Player Class Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server has determined that your player class is not allowed.
Please do not use any script hacks or console commands to change your player class to anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players."

Due to a bug the UT2003 players can easily change their pawn class to any subclass of UnrealPawn.
With a default UT2003 installation on the server players could make themselves invisible or use giant Gorge, Malcom, Brook, etc. models that don't animate and don't go away after the player died at the expense of starting without weapons.
With the Epic bonuspack installed on the server a slightly less obvious version of this cheat can be used which is more effective in arena games like InstaGib: Players can use monster classes from the Invasion gametype. They still look like normal players but their collision cylinder, speed, health and jumping height has changed and their animations look a bit messed up and they can't pick up anything.

Anti TCC blocks these cheats in three different ways: The console command used to change the player class is blocked, players can't spawn with the Invisible Player cheat and players spawning with a monster class are detected the usual way.

Center View Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server has determined that you just used the Center View key.
You have been disconnected because the server admin has disallowed the use of Center View."

The Center View key is a built-in UT2003 feature, but unfortunately centering the view usually aims at the correct height for a head shot if the other player is at the same height level. This is why the use of Center View is not allowed in many UT2003 leagues.
Since Center View is only a cheat when the rules clearly state not to use it Anti TCC's Center View detection is disabled by default.

NetSpeed Cheat Detected

Anti TCC message:
"The server has determined that your NetSpeed settings are not acceptable.
Please don't set the NetSpeed to values below the configured minimum value and please don't change the NetSpeed during the match too often."

Anti TCC's NetSpeed checks make sure the NetSpeed isn't lowered below the configured minimum value (by default this is 2600) and not changed too often. By default three NetSpeed changes are allowed and should be enough to find the best value for a server.
Note: In Anti TCC 1.09 there is a bug with certain higher NetSpeed settings. In this case try lowering your NetSpeed to e.g. ISDN or DSL speed before connecting and change it back to the desired value after you connected.

Suspicious Client Detected

Anti TCC message:
"You have been disconnected because your aim is suspiciously good.
If you feel this message is in error because you did not use any aimbot, be proud of your aim. ;-)
If not, you should think about the usefulness of your sparetime activities again."

A note to start with: This message does not accuse of cheating, it merely states that the aiming accuracy of a player is suspicious.
Unfortunately almost all detections of this outside the testing servers seem to be false positives, that's why this option was only available in version 1.08 of Anti TCC, but not in the newer versions.

Check Timeout

Anti TCC message:
"An Anti TCC check (name of the check) has timed out and you have been disconnected.
Please contact the server admin if this prevents you from playing on this server and you feel this problem is not caused by your configuration."

Timeouts usually don't imply cheating. Most check timeouts are caused by lag or in pre-1.08 version they can also be caused by missing ServerPackages which results in all players getting timeouts.

Old UT2003 Version

Anti TCC message:
"This server is running Anti TCC, which requires at least UT2003 v2166 to prevent false positives.
Please use the 'Update UT2003' button below to download the latest patch if you want to play on this server. Uptating your UT2003 also fixes many bugs and is required for many of the mods and mutators out there."

Anti TCC will most likely cause false positives when used with an old version of UT2003. The mutator will not run on server versions prior to 2166 and incompatible client versions will receive a special message so they know have to update their UT2003.

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