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Admin Takeover Workaround

This small server actor performs a failsafe reset when an attacker attempts to inject his/her own admin account to take over control of the server.
Important: This tool doesn't fix the problem, it merely attempts to minimize the damage!
Last update: 2012-04-23

Anti TCC

An improved UT2004 security mutator that detects modified files and character entries as well as other hacks like aimbots or server crashers and potentially unwanted things like colored names, text flooding or mass suiciding.
Last update: 2010-01-08

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Old versions: (don't use these, cheats already pass most of them and I won't provide any kind of support)


Remake of the UT3 gametype for UT2004. Cooperate to score, betray at the right time to win.
Last update: 2012-10-13

Christmas Decoration

This mutator/server actor adds proper holiday decoration to many maps.
Last update: 2015-12-04

Old versions:

Colored Death Messages

This mutator/server actor displays team-colored player names in death messages.
Last update: 2004-07-15

Enable Adrenaline

Activates adrenaline in (almost) every game mode that disables it by default.
Last update: 2013-06-06

Headshot View

If you die from a headshot, your view stays at your head.
Last update: 2014-06-21

Hover Tank Collection

Replaces stock vehicles with custom hover tanks. (aimed at mappers and players alike)
Last update: 2013-05-09

InstaGib 2k3

This mutator brings back UT2003's InstaGib firing sound.
Last update: 2004-03-21

Lock Rolloff

In UT2004 there is a client-side sound setting controlling, how the volume of sounds falls of when moving away from the sound source. This so-called Rolloff value can be changed in UT2004.ini and with a console command in a way that allows to clearly hear sounds from the opposite side of the map.
Lock Rolloff is a server actor that enforces a minimum rolloff value of 0.4 (the default INI value is 0.5) and additionally makes it impossible to change Rolloff while connected to the server.
Last update: 2005-05-21

Mercury Missiles 2

High-speed rockets with low splash radius and zoom on the weapon. Available as rocket/sniper replacement, arena or Instagib mode.
Last update: 2010-07-31

Multi Dodging 2k4

Normally UT2004 only allows you to dodge or walldodge once during a jump. Multi Dodging changes this rule so you can walldodge whenever you are near a wall even if you already dodged or walldodged.
Last update: 2014-01-04

Old versions:

No Double Damage

Removes the Double Damage pickup from the map.
Last update: 2004-03-24

No Flying Leviathan

Fixes the "Flying Leviathan" exploit.
Last update: 2004-04-04

No Shieldgun

Removes the Shieldgun and optionally grants unlimited Assault Rifle primary ammo.
Last update: 2009-05-23

No Team Boosting

Disables teammate boosting for all weapons.
Last update: 2006-05-21

Random Voting

Adds a random map entry to the built-in map vote list..
Last update: 2012-10-18

Reactor Shots

Adds a twist to Onslaught by letting nodes and cores shoot back at enemy players.
Last update: 2013-06-01

Old versions:

Server Decals

Adds configurable custom decals to maps without actually altering those maps.
Last update: 2010-07-15

Server Logo

A small server mod that displays a logo with fade in/out transitions on clients connecting to a UT2004 server.
Last update: 2006-08-11

Old versions:

Looking for UT2003 version? Try here!

Smarter Bots

This mutator and server actor changes the AI so you can have godlike bot skills without godlike aiming accuracy.
Last update: 2016-03-05

Space CTF

My first released map created from scratch. A conversion of Q3CTF4 aka. Space CTF.
Last update: 2012-09-05

Spawn With Locker Weapons

Spawning players are automatically equiped with all weapons from the nearest weapon locker in maps that use them. The idea behind this mutator is that freshly-spawned players should have a better chance to defend themselves if an enemy Manta is wreaking havoc in the spawn area.
Last update: 2009-02-07

The Decks

Deck 16 and its hot neighbor as a Capture The Flag map. This is a conversion of G.Lecter's JB2004 map.
Last update: 2012-11-24

Tournament Crosshairs

A collection of improved Quake 3 Arena and UT2003 crosshairs.
Last update: 2006-01-16

Try More Mods

A server actor that attempts to remind new players more often to turn off that "standard servers" checkbox in the server browser.
Last update: 2012-11-27


The latest version (1.2) of Mychaeel's UMake. For some reason this version was never published on the UMake website, but it contains a very useful fix for UT2004, where previous versions would cause a General Protection Fault after an otherwise successful compiler run when the compiled package's UCL file is supposed to be generated.
(This is not my work, I'm just mirroring the file.)
Last update: 2004-06-01

Unlagged InstaGib 2k4

This server-side mutator should be used in combination with an InstaGib to compensate a client's ping serversidely.
Last update: 2006-05-23

Looking for UT2003 version? Try here!

UT2003 Ion Cannon

The UT2003 Ion Cannon mutator will make the ion cannon satellite visible if it's in the map and you will only be able to mark a target location with the painter if the satellite has a line of sight to it – just like it was in UT2003.
Last update: 2005-02-19

UT2004 UnrealScript sources

Original UnrealScript source files for UT2004 by Epic Games.

UT3 Jump Boots

A UT2004 implementation of the Jump Boots from UT3 for mappers.
(This download is useless for you unless you are working on a map in UnrealEd.)
Last update: 2010-05-24

Vote-compatible Arena mutator

Ever wanted to be able to select different arena weapons via map voting? Well, now you can.
Last update: 2010-01-15

Webadmin Space Fix

This server actor fixes a webadmin bug that turns spaces in configurable settings into non-breaking space characters, which are invisible in-game.
Last update: 2009-03-28

Wormbot IRC Reporter

An IRC reporter and chat relay bot with many useful features.
Last update: 2005-02-19

Old versions:

Note to Webmasters and News Sites

Do not link to the individual files. Please either mirror the files or link to this download page instead.

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