Wormbo's Enhanced Items
Scripting Guide


This guide explains the basic concepts for working with the classes provided by EnhancedItems.u (the core package of Rockets UT, Arena Match and some others), how to use the enhanced status icon and the advanced weapon priority list and how to add weapons to the Arena Match selection menu.
Before reading this document you should already have some basic knowledge about Unreal's scripting language. Check out Unreal Wiki and/or CHiMERiC for a more detailed overview of UnrealScript in general.
Note: In this document I will describe changes as they should be done with a different editor than UnrealEd. One of these differences is the defaultproperties section, which is hidden in UnrealEd. Instead you have to open the "Default properties" window for your class, but some properties will not be available. If you want to know how to work without UnrealEd read Mod Authoring by Brandon Reinhart.

Using this document

This document is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Opera 5 or Netscape 6. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer or Opera might also work, but Netscape 4.7 does not correctly display the pages.
The guide is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the class reference which explains the variables and functions available. Part 2 shows how to use these when creating new classes by explaining how some code fragments from my mods work.

In the class reference part I will be using the following notation:

bool aFunction (int First, coerce string Second, optional float Third) [static, final]
This is a function which takes three parameters and returns a bool value. The second parameter will automatically converted to string and the third one can be left out. The function is declared as static and final.
float aVariable[x] [replicated to clients]
A variable of type float. This variable is an array with x elements and is replicated to clients in network games.
aConstant = 12345
This is a constant. It cannot be changed from within UnrealScript or native code in any way.
First enum item.
Second enum item.
This is an enumeration.
int One
An item of this struct. It uses the same format like the declaration of variables.
float Two
Another item.
This is a struct which contains two properties.

Class reference

Examples from mods already using Enhanced Items

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