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Enhanced Items Mod

The Enhanced Items Mod consists of two main parts:

The Enhanced Items Mod also comes with a new Player Status Icon and the Weapon Priority Menu .

Download the Enhanced Items Mod

Enhanced Items

The Enhanced Items Mod contains new versions of all UT weapons and most of the items.

New / Improved Features


Other features:

Rocket Launcher with Shieldbelt
Enhanced status icon (Boss)

Enhanced Relics

The relics coming with the first bonus pack for UT have two annoying bugs: First, when you have the AntiGrav boots and pick up the Relic of Speed, the boots get disabled. You still hear the jumping sound, but you don't jump as high as you should. With Enhanced Items and Enhanced Relics these two items work together properly.
The other bug is the relic hud mutator. This hud mutator does not allow other mutators to draw on the hud, unless these are specially designed to work with the relic hud mutator. But this means that mods using such hud mutators require the relics package to be installed. This behavior of the relic hud mutator is explained easily: The relics package was written to be compatible with UT v400 where there was a poor support for hud mutators so they had to "re-invent the wheel". Enhanced Relics uses the standard UT support for hud mutators and is compatible to other "normal" hud mutators.

Enhanced Relics comes with all the standard relics and the special ammo regenerating "Relic of Wealth".

Since Enhanced Relics are not selected through separate mutators but added via a special selection menu you can activate remote configuration support to select relics from the web-based remote server administration panel.
This also fixes the bug where not all mutators show up in the web admin mutator list.

Download the Enhanced Items mod

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