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Flag Mutator CTF

Why make another CTF game type?

At www.uncommonplace.com you can download a mutator called Flag Effects . This mutator attaches one of several effects available to each flag it finds in the game, where "game" may be either Apprehension, CTF 4 or Flag Domination but not UT's Capture the Flag! Hmm... no Capture the Flag with Flag Effects? Of course you can use the Flag Effects mutator while playing Capture The Flag but the mutator won't work.

And what does Flag Mutator CTF do?

Flag Mutator CTF provides two game types which support flag mutators like Flag Effects.

Is there anything special about these game types?

Yes, there are some differences to regular CTF.
One of them is the speech menu. Mod authors have to fight for the "Take their flag." order when making a CTF game type, because it only appears when the name of the game type is exactly "Capture the Flag" (case-sensitive even!), in all other cases (except "Domination") that order is "Assault the base." (more useful in Assault)

Another far more important feature is the Assist. You get an Assist when the enemy or neutral flag is captured by one of your teammates and you have participated in the capturing process by either carrying the flag yourself, returning your team's flag or fragging the enemy flag carrier. However, these actions only count as an Assist when the enemy/neutral flag is not in its home base. An Assist is worth three points. Captures are worth seven points like in regular CTF.

Other useful information: What do the bots mean?

Bots talk a bit more in Flag Mutator CTF than in regular CTF. Here is list of what exactly they want to tell you.

Download Flag Mutator CTF

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