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Q3T is a mod for Unreal Tournament that adds some powerups and sounds from Quake 3 Arena and Q3 Team Arena to UT.

New Items

Powerups last 45 seconds before they expire. They are dropped when the player is killed and keep their remaining charge for other players who pick it up. When players pick up a powerup while carying another powerup of the same type the charges are added, so when a player has 35 seconds of Quad Damage left and picks up a Quad Damage dropped by another player that has 20 seconds left the player can enjoy 55 seconds with Quad Damage from that moment on.
All players can hear when a powerup is picked up or respawns.

Powerup Description
Quad Damage Replaces the Damage Amplifier. The Quad Damage triples the damage done by the player.
Players under the effect of this powerup have a blue glow around them.
Invisibility Makes the player invisible. (What did you think?)
Haste Spawns together with the AntiGrav Boots. Increases the players speed of movement. Also speeds up weapon that support it. (e.g. Rockets UT)
Regeneration Spawns together with the big health pack. Regenerates the health up to 199. Every second five points of health are added.
Battle Suit Spawns together with the shield belt. A very useful powerup especially if you already have more health and armor. The BS creates a yellow shield which protects the owner from many environmental hazzards like acid pools or lava. It also reduces falling damage a lot. Most weapons do only half the damage to you. The two exceptions are the Bio Rifle and the Redeemer. The the Redeemer won't hurt you much and Bio Rifle won't hurt you at all.
Flight Spawns together with the AntiGrav Boots. This powerup allows you to fly around.

Holdable powerups do not activate when they are picked up, but can be activated by pressing the "Use Holdable" key (configurable). Each player can only carry one holdable at the same time.
You can enable a special auto-activation feature that allows the holdable to activate itself when it detects a useful situation for doing so.

Holdable Description
Personal Teleporter Spawns together with the AntiGrav Boots. When activated this Holdable teleports you to a random location of the map. When you have placed a Translocator Destination Module the Personal Teleporter will use it as destination instead. (can be turned off)
Medkit Spawns together with the big health pack. Heals you back to the default health if your health is below that value.
Kamikaze Spawns together with the Redeemer. Using this holdable causes you to blow up with a huge shock wave.
Invulnerability Also spawns together with the Redeemer. This holdable creates a temporary shield around the player that protects him from any kind of damage. Players and objects touching this shield are pushed aways and take damage.

Quake 3 Tournament features four new relics for the Enhanced Relics mutator. The functionality of these relics is about the same as the Team Powerups in Quake 3: Team Arena.

Relic Description
Ammo Regen Regenerates the players ammo and increases the firing rate for weapons which support it.
Doubler Doubles the damage done by the player. This can be combined with Quad Damage for six times the regular damage.
Guard Instantly gives the player full health and armor and regenerated health back to 199 points at the rate of five point in two seconds.
Scout Increases the player's speed, but prevents him from wearing any armor. (except Battle Suit and Invulnerability)

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