Unlagged Instagib is a mutator for Unreal Tournament 3 v2.0 and later. It combines Instagib with serverside ping compensation, so clients can aim almost exactly at their opponents instead of "leading" their target. It can be used in every gametype that supports the built-in Instagib mutator and also in Betrayal.


Simply extract the archive into any "CookedPC" subdirectory under the "My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published" directory in your "My Documents" folder. Note that you don't need to install Unlagged Instagib on your client if you only want to play on someone else's server and that you can't use it for offline games.
The mutator's class name is "UnlaggedInstagib.UnlaggedInstagib". To activate it, either add "?mutator=UnlaggedInstagib.UnlaggedInstagib" to your server's startup command line or simply select the mutator from the webadmin "Change Game" page.


Unlagged Instagib has a single serverside configuration option: the maximum ping it will compensate. This option can be configured through the webadmin interface and is specified in milliseconds. Players with a higher ping will be treated as if they have the ping specified here.
If you prefer to edit the option directly, it is a floating point called MaxUnlagTime and located in the [UnlaggedInstagib.UnlaggedInstagib] section of UTGame.ini. Unlike the webadmin option, the INI entry is specified in seconds.

Potentially Asked Questions

Is this ZeroPing?
No, ZeroPing (ZP) is a different approach. It performs all hit detection on the client and only reports back the result to the server, which only applies damage and scores points.
The server has almost no way to validate the data it receives from the client, so ZP weakens the idea of an authoritive server and even makes cheating easier because the client could just send a fake hit detection result.
How does Unlagged Instagib work?
With this mutator the server keeps track of recent player movement. Before actually performing hit detection, it checks the client's current ping and basically "goes back in time", restoring the player locations as the client saw them when pressing the fire button. Then hit detection is performed as usual, but based on the unlagged opponent locations.
Doesn't that mean I could get hit even though I already hid behind a corner?
Yes it does, but the same goes for your shots at your opponents.
Doesn't that give high-ping players an unfair advantage?
Not really. They still have to deal with their high ping. Aiming might be easier for them than without the unlagging, but their shot still takes longer to reach the server. In the mean time, a low ping player could fire a shot that kills them or their target, which causes the server to discard the high ping player's shot.
Doesn't ping compensation make aimbots more effective?
Practically all modern cheats have built-in ping adjustment already, so it doesn't really matter. In fact, double ping compensation (cheat's ping adjust + server's unlagging) would cause aimbots to miss their target if the cheater's ping is sufficiently high.