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Friday, 2016-03-25

Terms of use and "new" domain

I figured I should be updating this page once in a while. Well, here goes.

For one, I have a new domain, wormbo.de, but I'm not really using it yet. This website will stay where it is for now, but I might use the new domain as storage place for any future releases.

On an unrelated note, I began adding an informal three-term "license" to the source files of my mods a while ago. Don't worry, it's nothing oppressingly restrictive. Just common sense and intentions based on personal preferences destilled into a few lines of text. Today I also created a page to explain my reasonings behind those terms. If you have any questions regarding reuse of my mods and source code not explained there, feel free to contact me.

Thursday, 2014-08-14

UnCodeX output and UT4 Jailbreak

There's not exactly much going on around here, so I might just as well mention that Epic Games really seem to want a new Jailbreak for the new Unreal Engine 4 based Unreal Tournament game. (Skip forward to around 8:10 for evidence.) Development hasn't officially started yet, but at least there are a few brainstorming threads already.

On an unrelated note, I have uploaded UnCodeX HTML output for Jailbreak 2004c and several of my mods, including source code. The Jailbreak output includes all code there is, not just what was released in compiled form. Similarly, you may not have seen some of the other stuff on my website before, like the RandomMapSwitcher, which I created for the UTzone.de servers. Other part should seem more familiar, like Betrayal or the WormbotIRCReporter.

Saturday, 2013-11-09


Imagine you are reinstalling and want to set up TortoiseCVS on your system. As you may or may not know, its later versions come with the CVSNT client version 2.5.05, which is "nag ware" - it adds advertising to commit logs. March Hare, the developers of CVSNT, don't bother to offer downloads of older versions, they want to sell their professional version now. CVSNT was the last version that didn't add nag messages to the log, so I tried finding a Windows download of that. But apparently that's a lot more difficult than I originally imagined.

So, for anyone out there with the same problem, I can at least offer the CVSNT Client version for Windows. It's an installer from July 2006 that I downloaded about three years ago and then forgot about after installing it.

Thursday, 2013-06-06

New Stuff Aggregated

Since the last news here, I've released several new mods without announcements on this site. (You may have seen some of them in various forums already.) Below is a list of things released or updated in the last half year:

Wednesday, 2012-11-14

Christmas Decoration

It's that time of the year again, when UT2004 servers run mutators like Santa Hats. I picked up that idea, but applied it to entire maps. My Christmas Decoration mutator or server actor will decorate many maps with moody christmas lights and ridiculous santa hats.

Tuesday, 2011-03-29

Anti TCC 2011? Maybe not.

It turned out the new release caused more trouble than it's worth. I've taken down the file for the time being. Those who still have it are free to use it, but I won't provide any support for that version.

Sunday, 2011-03-27

Anti TCC... 2011?

No, I won't revive Anti TCC. I only figured it would be fair to release the few minor code changes that never made it into any public release.

Anti TCC 2011 does not add any significant new features compared to Anti TCC 2009 release 6, but it fixes certain Accessed None warnings in the server and client logs and other potential problems. Old UT2004 versions that crash on Anti TCC servers still crash, but should at least point out why they crashed.

Sunday, 2010-07-04

Improving UT2004 - Onslaught Specials

A few months ago Crusha K. Rool started creating a set of tools for UT2004 maps that allow setting up complex map scripts. This opened a whole new perspective on Onslaught and Assault mapping. He even included a "directional node", a power node that works correctly even if it isn't placed upright. But one interesting feature was missing: standalone nodes.

This is where the Onslaught Specials come into play. This small package contains improved versions of the Onslaught power core and power node. You can specify the initial amount of health, hard-link actors to a specific node or core (even if they are closer to a different node) and create standalone nodes and prime nodes like in UT3's Warfare mode.

Friday, 2009-03-27

Ping Compensation for UT3: Unlagged Instagib

Like in previous iterations of Unreal Tournament, Instagib is one of the most popular mutators in the game. It concentrates almost exclusively on the aiming and movement skills of players. Unfortunately the aiming part is severely affected by ping in online games.
This is where Unlagged Instagib comes into play. It adds serverside ping compensation to the Instagib Rifle, so it almost feels like playing offline. See the Unlagged Instagib manual for additional information and the new UT3 download section for the mutator download.

Thursday, 2009-03-12

Anti TCC 2009 Release 4

No worries, I didn't abandon it again. See the manual for new features and the UT2004 download section for the files.

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