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Saturday, 2009-02-07

A UT3 feature that doesn't exist yet

About two weeks ago, BeyondUnreal.com revealed the change list of the upcoming major UT3 patch. One of the new gameplay features reads:

In game types using weaponlockers, players spawn with weapons from nearest weapon locker.

This feature, which has not even been released for UT3, is now available in UT2004 by using my new Spawn With Locker Weapons mutator. It will work in all game types but for obvious reasons only has an effect in maps that contain weapon lockers in the player spawn areas.

Sunday, 2009-01-11

Oh my, it's that Anti TCC thing again!

Believe it or not, there's a new official Anti TCC version called Anti TCC 2009.
This new version is currently being tested on the TechCom.cz ONS-32 server and a few others. As usual you can get it in the UT2004 download section.

Tuesday, 2006-05-23

UTPlus is coming... NOT!

...and neither is Anti TCC. Oh man, about time I post an update here again.
For various reasons (no worries, I won't bore you with them) development of UTPlus and Anti TCC is canceled. There will be no releases of Anti TCC or UTPlus by me, and this time for real!
Anyway, after some prodding by the folks over at the UnrealAdmin.org forum I decided to release a stand-alone Unlagged InstaGibmutator for UT2003 and UT2004.
In other news: The source code of UTPlus and its UT2003 equivalent "Tournament" are available on the Spare Parts page .

Mercury Missiles 2 Beta

Remember Rockets UT or Mercury InstaGib for UT2003?
I've picked up the Mercury Missiles 2 mutator again and currently run a public beta test of the UT2004 version. Feel free to participate and give feedback.
Later in the beta test I will also release a beta version for UT2003 and the final release will be for both games as well.

Monday, 2006-01-16

Tournament Crosshairs for download

A late happy new year everyone!
After they have been available inofficially for a long time already, I finally decided to make the Tournament Crosshairs publicly available on my download page.
The Tournament Crosshairs are 15 new crosshairs for UT2004 which are easy to see against bright and dark backgrounds alike. They don't need to be installed on the server for online games and they won't cause problems with anti-cheat software either.

Friday, 2005-05-11

UTPlus is coming...

If you are a so-called "competitive gamer", you most likely already heard of UTComp , mutator that adds bright skins, hit sounds and quite a few other features to UT2004. While I agree that some features of UTComp are definately required for competitive atches, I feel that many of its features are sources for lags or other kinds of performance decreases – not because of thei existance, but because of their implementation.
That and the fact that I don't particularly like the UTComp bright skins made me rethink my stance on the development of Tournament (a competitive mod of mine for UT2003 that died off during alpha stage) and Anti TCC. So I started working on a new mod for UT2004, which was supposed to bundle all the good things in UTComp, Anti TCC and a few other mods. Of course, this project is too complex to be finished any time soon, so it has to be chunked up into modules that can be worked on independantly.
The first release of "UTPlus", as the project soon was called, will have ompetitive features like bright skins, hit sounds and automatic demorecording and end-game scoreboard screenshots. Unlike UTComp, it is also aimed at the needs of server admins by offering a player GUID database, a UTAN plug-in and in-game access to the UTPlus server-side options. Other features planned for the first release include team-colored death messages, client-side options for existing UT2004 features and big improvements for demo playback, at least for demos recorded with UTPlus. Quite a lot more features have been suggested already, but those will have to wait for later releases.
There is no release date yet, but watching the ToDo listmight help estimating it. Once all items for release 1 are done, all that's requited before release is some testing.

Saturday, 2005-02-19

Wormbot IRC Reporter, version 2

A few bugs and missing features were reported for the Wormbot, so I decided to update it. Most noteable are the new option to disable kill messages and the fix for the infinite map change delay bug. You can get the new version from my UT2004 download page.

UT2003 Ion Cannon for UT2004

In UT2003 there had to be an Ion Cannon Satellite on a map in order to be able to use the Ion Painter. You could only target an area the satellite had a line of sight to. Now in UT2004 the satellite itself does no longer have to be on the map and the ion blast comes from straight above the marked target location. However, the old UT2003 maps in UT2004 still contain the Ion Cannon Satellite, even though it's not visible.
The UT2003 Ion Cannon mutator will make the satellite visible again and if it's in a map you will only be able to mark a target location with the painter if the satellite has a line of sight to it – just like it was in UT2003.
You can download UT2003 Ion Cannon from my UT2004 download page.

Friday, 2005-01-28

Wormbot IRC Reporter released

There are already some IRC reporter bots for UT2004 out there, but they all seem to have their issues. This is why I decided to write my own reporter bot and I think it turned out to be quite nice in the first version already.
A quote from the manual:

The Wormbot IRC Reporter (or just Wormbot for short) is a mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004, which combines a reporter bot and a chat relay bot. The reporter bot sends ingame events (kills, captures and so on) to a channel in an IRC network, while the chat relay bot sends ingame Say messages to the channel (TeamSay messages are not sent to IRC) and can also send IRC chat back to the UT2004 server. Depending on the configuration, the two bots can either share a single connection or use two individual connections to the IRC network.

You can get this combined mutator and server actor from my UT2004 download page.

Thursday, 2005-01-20

Anti TCC v1.18c Manual

A late 'Happy New Year' to you all!
Since more and more people use the inofficial Anti TCC versions beyond v1.18c, I've uploaded the Anti TCC v1.18c Manual to this site so you don't have to download the whole mod just for a single file.

Tuesday, 2004-09-28

Server Logo 4

I've updated the Server Logo mod so it takes advantage of some UT2004 features. You can get this new version in the UT2004 download sectionnow.

Sunday, 2004-09-25

Anti TCC v1.18c fixes problems with UT2004 ECE

Due to some miscommunications with Epic, Anti TCC v1.18b didn't support the Editor's Choice Edition of UT2004.
The new version 1.18c adds full support for both patched and unpatched UT2004 ECE clients, so please get the update from the UT2004 download sectionimmediately. This version also comes with the complete list of FullMD5s so you can easily update them when a new UT2004 patch is released.

Thursday, 2004-09-16

Anti TCC v1.18b Final released

This is the final version of Anti TCC for UT2004. There won't continue development and there will only be another version of Anti TCC if there are too many or too big bugs that need fixing. See the changelog for details about fixes and new features in this version.
You can get the new version from my UT2004 download section.

Friday, 2004-09-03

Secure Controller released

Secure Controller is a stand-alone version of Anti TCC's secured PlayerController class, which prevents many script aimbots and script wall hacks from working.
This small security mod can easily be enabled through a server actor and should be installed if the server doesn't use an up-to-date version of Anti TCC. The only downside is, that Secure Controller can't be used together with TTM200x or UTComp.
Secure Controller comes in two flavors: one for UT2003and one for UT2004 .

Multi Dodging 2k4 with movement stats

Some of you may still remember the Jump Stats and Multi Dodging mutators I wrote for UT2003. Well, now they are back, united and improved.
Multi Dodging 2k4 v3not only has endless wall-dodging and movement stats, but also has options for re-enabling the boost dodge, disabling the short dodge delay after landing and allowing a double jump after each wall dodge.

Saturday, 2004-08-28

Anti TCC v1.18

Finally v1.18 gets released after a long beta phase.
Changes since v1.17 include support for the new UT2004 patch v3270 as well as a whole lot less lags. The complete list of changes can be found in Anti TCC's Version History.
Grab this new version now at the download section.

Monday, 2004-08-23

No Entry Hack for UT2003 released

No Entry Hack is a small tool for UT2003 that should be used in combinaton with Anti TCC or UTSecure to detect the Entry.dll hack, which is used to hide files from MD5 checks.
Server admins can add other files to the blacklist, so this should really help against the cheats currently used in UT2003.

Thursday, 2004-07-22

Anti TCC v1.17 released

Finally I found the time to update Anti TCC the way it should be. Now it can easily disable unknown bots based on the HelioS security hack v2.x and this update also greatly reduced the lag compared to v1.16d-f.
Anti TCC v1.17 also has some other interesting changes. Check out the complete changelog for details.

Thursday, 2004-07-15

Anti TCC v1.16f released

This release primarily fixes the small freeze when a player dies and finally automatic banning works again.
Anti TCC v1.16f can be downloaded in the usual place and I've also uploaded a complete changelog for all Anti TCC versions since v1.13 Lite for UT2004.
Note: Don't download v1.16e, it has a bug which prevents Windows clients from playing on Linux or Mac servers and vice versa if class checks are enabled.

Colored Death Messages

It's been quite a long time since I released anything else than anti-cheat stuff...
Here's Colored Death Messages, a mutator and server actor, which displays team-colored player names in death messages.

Tuesday, 2004-07-13

Anti TCC v1.16d released

You may have noticed I couldn't really take my fingers off of Anti TCC.
After releasing versions 1.16a, b and c you can now download Anti TCC v1.16d, which hopefully resolves CRC Mismatch problems and similar bugs as well as initial client timeout problems.

Saturday, 2004-06-19

Anti TCC v1.16 released

I'm planning to take a little break from anti-cheat coding until the end of next month or so, but before that I'm releasing an updated version of Anti TCC. This new version doesn't really fix bugs, but it properly recognises the new UT2004 patch and includes the Anti Bypass Tool released this wednesday.
The word "Lite" doesn't really fit anymore so I removed it. You can get this "heavier" Anti TCC from the UT2004 download section.

Wednesday, 2004-06-16

Anti Bypass Tool

ELF has released a new hack that allowes cheaters to bypass any of the security checks Anti TCC and UTSecure use to detect modifications. Fortunately that security bypass hack has a weak point and can be detected by installing the Anti Bypass Tool.

Sunday, 2004-05-23

Anti TCC v1.15 Lite

Sorry for the lack of news about the version 1.13 and 1.14, but now I'm back.
The feature list of version 1.15 is quite long, so I'll pick out the most important new features: Hard-coded MD5 checks for skin packages and .U files, options for stripping color codes from player names and (team)say messages additional integrity checks for certain UT2004 classes and most importantly less lag.
You can get this new version in the UT2004 download section.

Saturday, 2004-03-27

Anti TCC v1.12 Lite

This is the first version of Anti TCC for UT2004. It doesn't detect all the things the UT2003 version could detect, but it should reliably stop most of the currently available aimbots.
Grab this new security mutator in the UT2004 download section.

Sunday, 2004-03-21

InstaGib 2k3

Some players liked UT2003's InstaGib firing sound better than UT2004's, so here's a mutator (two mutators, actually) which brings it back.
You can get it in the new UT2004 download section.

Wednesday, 2004-02-25

Anti TCC v1.11

The new version 1.11 of Anti TCC has been released. This will most likely be the last version of Anti TCC for UT2003.
The most important changes are player ID logging, the new 'Whois' command and the client-side console log file. The complete list of changes can be found in Anti TCC's Version History.
Grab this new version now at the download section.

Tuesday, 2004-01-13

Internal Things

I have to admid my webspace got quite messy in the last two years and it needed a major cleaning session.
If you experience any broken links on the site, please reload the page. If any of the links still don't work after that, please send a mail my way so I can fix it.

Thursday, 2003-12-04

Small Server Logo Update

The Server Logo mod can now not only run as a server actor, but also as a mutator. As an additional feature I added ConfigManager support, though the loader will not be able to find additional ServerPackages for logo and sound packages.
You can get Server Logo 3 in the download section.

Thursday, 2003-11-20

Aw come on, people!

The download page clearly states that I don't want external sites to directly link to my files.
If you want people to download Anti TCC but you can't provide a mirror, please use the URL "http://www.koehler-homepage.de/Wormbo/download2k3.html#AntiTCC" instead of directly linking to the Anti TCC ZIP file.
Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 2003-11-18

Anti TCC v1.10

The new version 1.10 of Anti TCC has been released.
The most important changes are bugfixes in the ShowIDs command and the NetSpeed cheat detection. New features include ConfigManager support and an update notice for clients using older versions of UT2003. The complete list of changes can be found in Anti TCC's Version History.
Grab this new version now at the download section.

Thursday, 2003-10-09

Anti TCC v1.09

A new version of the anti cheat/anti tweak mutator Anti TCC is out. This version has a lot of changes and some interesting new features: NetSpeed checks, more diffeneciated WhatToDo settings and it's almost fully configurable from the webadmin interface.
Changes since v1.08:

You can get this new version in the download section.

Wednesday, 2003-09-24

Another Big Anti TCC Update

Anti TCC v1.08 is now available. This version is independant from UTSecure now and as a result contains many changes to the configuration section. Other new features are:

I won't provide support for older versions anymore unless you can't get v1.08 to work, so go download the update.

Tuesday, 2003-09-16

New ServerLogo version available

The ServerLogo server actor's version 2 now can play sounds while displaying the logo and also has an option for a spinning logo and an option for changing the logo color.
You can grab this new version in the download section.

Monday, 2003-09-08

Unreal Tournament Mod Update

Enhanced Items, the very first mod of mine, received a big update today.
Specifically for the Planet Jailbreak Wednesday Parole I fixed most if not all the problems with the Enhanced Items Mod and Enhanced Relics.

Today's other update is for Redeemer 2k3, the UT mod that adds a little UT2003 feeling to the Redeemer. I coded another small mutator that adds this new Redeemer explosion effect to the Relic of Vengeance. It is compatible to Epic's relics, to the Enhanced Relics mutator and everything else that might use the Relic of Vengeance's explosion effect.

Both mods are available in the download section.

Friday, 2003-09-05

Big Anti TCC Update

Anti TCC v1.07 is out. This new version contains big improvements to the custom log feature, which is enabled by default on UT2003 servers running v2220 or later. The log file's name and all logged lines contain timestamps.
Other improvements include much less false alarms and the ability to log all packages a client has loaded on the server.
You can grab this update from my download section.

Saturday, 2003-08-30

Important NoInvisHack and Anti TCC updates

A serious bug in Anti TCC and NoInvisHack has been reported that causes the server to crash when a player tries to exploit the Invisible Player bug.
The updates for both mutators are available in the download section.

Monday, 2003-08-25

Anti TCC v1.05

The 1.04 Lite version of Anti TCC already reduced the performance problems but didn't really get rid of them. With version 1.05 most TCC checks are only done when the player respawns and also can be turned off by the server admin.
The new version is available in the download section again, but as always: Don't link to it or the link will be broken when a new version is released.

Monday, 2003-08-25

Anti TCC Lite and No Invis Hack

Several people reported performance issues with version 1.04 of Anti TCC. I figured this might be related to the huge amount of checks so I decided to release a "Lite" version of Anti TCC which runs only a random subset of all available checks. This might increase the time needed to find certain TCCs, but they are still found.

I also uploaded the No Invis Hack mutator now. Note that you only need it if you don't use Anti TCC v1.04/Lite. I would also like to remind you that the Limit (Normal Weapon) Zoom mutator is included in Anti TCC since version 1.02.

All these mutators are available for download.

Monday, 2003-08-25

Another Anti TCC Update

This is update finally fixes the incompatibility of version 1.02 of Anti TCC with earlier versions of UT2003.
Some of the new features in version 1.03 are:

Update: Due to a bug with FOV checks disabled I decided to release an even newer version now.
You should download this latest version (v1.04) now to make sure your server stays free of cheats and "tweaks".

Thursday, 2003-08-21

Anti TCC Update

This is update mainly fixes the problems version 1.01 of Anti TCC had with earlier versions of UT2003.
Some of the new features in version 1.02 are:

As always you can get the latest version from the download section.

Tuesday, 2003-08-19

Server Logo

I made a small server mod that displays a logo with fade in/out transitions on clients connecting to a UT2003 server.
You can get it from the download section like all other mods.

Friday, 2003-08-15

Limit Zoom Update

Another version of the Limit Normal Weapon Zoom mutator is available now.
You can now download a version for 80-110 degrees and 80-170 degrees.

Thursday, 2003-08-14

Security mutators for UT2003

Since UTSecure didn't receive many updates lately and also doesn't detect a lot of SET command cheats I decided to make a more powerful cheat protection tool based on the features UTSecure already offered. The result was Anti TCC, a mutator that used UTSecure's ability to check files and skin settings, but added a wide array of checks for modified default values.
Another problem is that players can use a SET command during online games that allows them to zoom with any weapon at any time. I was asked to make a mutator to prevent this and the result is the Limit Normal Weapon Zoom mutator.
Both mutators are available in the download section.

Update: Anti TCC 1.00 had a compatibility issue with a TTM feature which caused players to get kicked for having modified the default properties of the TransDeRes class or for Modified Alien Gib Settings. Both bugs have been fixed and all clients now get a console message stating the reason for the kick.

Tuesday, 2003-07-15

Reversed CTF canceled

Yes folks, another mod canceled.
But I usually don't delete mods I started. Instead they go into the my pool of spare parts in case I or somebody else needs something already done in those unfinished mods.

Sunday, 2003-07-11

Make Something Unreal

Epic Games kicked off their Make Something Unreal Contest and I decided to submit Mercury Missile InstaGib. Let's see if it has a chance against well-known mods like Chaos UT.

Redeemer 2k3 Review

The Redeemer 2k3 mutator has been reviewed by ModSquad and scored 8.5 points.
Head over to the review or to the review's discussion thread at the BeyondUnreal Forums and leave a comment if you want.

Sunday, 2003-06-29

Two new mutators for UT

The Redeemer 2k3 mutator updates the Redeemeer's visual effects and makes them look more like in UT2k3.
The WrongJail mutator is a UT Jailbreak mutator that prevents player's from entering the opponent's jail.
You can get both mutator at the download section.

Tuesday, 2003-05-27

BUF Bonus Pack Mutator Update

The BUF Bonus Pack mutator has been updated. ...wait a second, what's the BUF Bonus Pack?
This Bonus Pack was made by some BeyondUnreal forumers and originally consisted of a weapon mutator and several maps. This update only contains the fully functional mutator with several bugfixes and some new features, including two new weapons. Due to the Cogworks main page being temporarily down I decided to host it here on my site. Head over to the download section for a link to the original BUF Bonus Pack and of course to the updated version.


A new feature of Jailbreak III was the introduction of translocatable zones. Players can no longer translocate wherever they want whenever they want. To put it simply, players may only use their translocator while in one of these zones. However, there are people around who requested a mutator that completely enables or disables the translocator in all Jailbreak maps. I finally picked up that request and made this mutator called JBTransloc.
You can download it from my download section or from the Planet Jailbreak Mutators page.

Thursday, 2003-05-08

Mercury Missile InstaGib released

The final version of Mercury Missile InstaGib is now available for download.
Grab it from the download section and get playing already. :-)

Monday, 2003-03-31

Broken Links

I spotted some broken links throughout the site and corrected them. Please drop me a line if you find that other pages or links here don't work.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconveniences.

UT Mod Updates

I started working on Rockets UT again and also prepared the Mod Menu Extension, Unreal XP and the Weapon Priority window to be combined into a single GUI Extensions pack.
To prepare the release of those two mods, I finally decided to address a version mismatch problem with the EnhancedItems.u package (also included in both of these packs) several people noticed when playing on servers with the Who Pushed Me mutator.
The following downloads have already been confirmed to come with the most recent version of that file:

The other downloads will be updated as soon as possible.
If you want to download any of the other UT mods or come across the version mismatch problem, please download the EnhancedItems.u patch to avoid these problems. If you already use the most recent version of this patch (compare the dates to be sure) please contact the server admin to install the patch on his or her server.

Thursday, 2003-02-20

New Screenshots

I have uploaded some screenshots of Mercury Missile InstaGib and Trickjump Tools, a new mutator pack for trickjumping.

Friday, 2003-02-13

Spare Parts

I started a new section, the spare parts. It often happens that I start a coding project and don't finish it for various reasons. However, I'm not the kind of person who instantly throws away everything once it turns out the project won't ever be finished.
On the spare parts page I collect functional mutators, weapons, etc. which basically work, but couldn't be finished for various reasons.
The first download I offer in this section is a missile cam mutator for UT2003. This mutator only works with Windows' Direct3D rendering mode, which is the reason I stopped working on it.

Friday, 2003-02-09

Mercury Missile InstaGib

The Mercury Missile InstaGib mutator has been updated to beta 2, so if you want to help me improving existing features and adding new ones, download it and tell me about things to improve or possibly add.

Friday, 2002-12-27

Multi Dodging

Multi Dodging is a mutator that disables the limit of one dodge or wall dodge per jump.
Download it and try some Low Grav wall dodge climbing.

Thursday, 2002-12-26

Who Pushed Me?

The UT 2003 version of the "Who Pushed Me?" mutator has been released.
Download it now. :-)

Sunday, 2002-12-22

EnhancedItems Scripting Guide

I'm afraid I will never have the time to finish the guide. However, the download page offers to download the final versions of EnhancedItems.u/.int and EIChallengeHUD.u/.int.
You are explicitely allowed to extract the sources of those two packages to make yourself familiar with the EnhancedItems package. You may also use these packages in your mods/mutators, but you are not allowed to recompile them because that will break network compatibility with my mods.
Feel free to drop me a line on my page at the Unreal Wiki or send me a PM at one of the forums listed on the new links page or mail me.

Tuesday, 2002-12-10

First UT 2003 Mutators

Yes, silence again. But now I'm back with my first UT 2003 mutator, Mercury Missile InstaGib.
The UT 2003 version of Who Pushed Me also waits for a release, but a bug in UT 2003 prevents this. The next patch will fix this bug, so I should be able to release Who Pushed Me 2k3 shortly after this patch.

Saturday, 2002-10-05

Rockets UT 1.1 beta 5

Finally it has arrived. Beta 5 adds a lot of new features, fixes tons of bugs and finally is network compatible.
Download it if you still play UT (or want to install it again) and have fun with this mod.

Friday, 2002-09-20

Mod Menu Extension Update

The Mod Menu Extension now contains a fix for the Player Setup window. This fix allows you to have more than 64 player models, so download the update.

Saturday, 2002-09-14

I'm still here :-)

It has been a while since the last update, but here it is (or better: here they are).

Thursday, 2002-08-22

Relic HUD Patch

I have created a patch for anyone who has problems with other mods while using the relic mutators. Details can be found on the Relic Patch page of the Unreal Wiki.
The patch can be downloaded there or from my download page.

Sunday, 2002-08-18

Homepage Layout

Finally I took the time to change the homepage layout to something more "link-friendly". I hope you like it.

Sunday, 2002-08-11

Rockets UT 1.0 download

I didn't touch the download of Rockets UT 1.0 since i started working on the 1.1 betas, but now I get more and more reports about Arena Match or other mods not working anymore after installing Rockets UT 1.0. That's why the installer has been updated and now contains the latest version of EnhancedItems.u and the Weapon Priority Window.

Other News

Since I didn't post a lot of news lately here's a quick overview of the things that happened:

Saturday, 2002-06-22

Who Pushed Me?

I just sent a new mutator to Modsquad. "Who Pushed Me?" turns some suicides into regular kills: Every time you push someone into open space or down a tower in CTF-Face you get a kill and he doesn't loose any points.
The mutator is available in the download section.

Rockets UT 1.1 Beta 5 soon

Looks like I can upload the next beta of Rockets UT soon. The turrets work again and you can even select one of four different types: The rocket turret you already know, the phoenix turret, the helix turret and the fusion turret. There are also some new screenshots.

Thursday, 2002-06-06

Unreal XP

No, this isn't a mod for Unreal. It's a GUI skin that brings Windows XP's look to UT. Have a look at some screenshots and try it yourself.

Friday, 2002-05-03

Rockets UT update

The new Beta 4 of Rockets UT 1.1 is available for download. The most important new feature is that the rockets of most rocket launchers are only fired when the fire button is released.

Thursday, 2002-04-18

Mod updates

I were quite busy updating my mods lately. Check out the download section, there are various updates including Rockets UT 1.1 Beta 3 and also two new mods: Long Range Target Identification and Quake 3 Tournament.
The EI Scripting Guide also got updated.

Monday, 2002-04-01

Moved to new site

Wormbo's Homepage has moved to webspace provided by 1&1 (my ISP).
No more disturbing ads and the site should be way faster than before.

Thursday, 2002-03-21

New Rockets UT Beta

A new beta version of Rockets UT 1.1 is available in the download section.
This basically works now in multiplayer games, but neither missile cam and nor lock alert can be seen/heard on clients. The concussion missiles' and cyclone childs' movement looks somewhat drunk now. This was not intended, so I'll have to find a better, network compatible solution for them.

Wednesday, 2002-03-05

Updated Enhanced Items

The Enhanced Items mod and Combo InstaGib have been updated.
This update should fix some problems with the MultiPickupPlus which is responsible for spawning more than one item at the same location. There are no different files for Enhanced Items with or without the Chaos UT support anymore, because this is now handled by the UMOD installer.

Mod Menu Extension

New stuff for the download section: A Mod Menu Extension.
This little tool will help you if your mod menu gets larger than your screen.

Friday, 2002-03-01

Rockets UT 1.1 beta 1

The public beta version of Rockets UT 1.1 is out. You can download it in the download section.

Arena Match 1.1

A new version of the Arena Match mutator is out. (see Downloads)

EnhancedItems tutorial

As I have promissed I began to write a tutorial on how to use EnhancedItems.u in your mod. The first part is already available, everything else will follow soon.

Tuesday, 2002-02-05


I've just uploaded some screenshots of Rockets UT 1.1 the update will soon be available in the download section.

Thursday, 2002-01-24

Arena Match review on modsquad

The Arena Match mutator has made a big leap forward and is now among the best mods with with a rating of 9.8 points. (click here for the review)

Volatile Ammo for Rocket UT

I have just uploaded a Volatile Ammo mutator for Rockets UT.
Since the original Volatile Ammo mutator which comes with the Digital Extremes bonus pack or the GOTY edition of UT isn't compatible to Rockets UT I have made this one. (see Downloads)

Sunday, 2002-01-20

EnhancedItems tutorial

I'll write a complete manual for the classes contained in the EnhancedItems.u package.
This might take some time, because there are a lot of features, but it will be available here as soon as the first part is finished.

Saturday, 2002-01-19

Rockets UT has made it to modsquad

Rockets UT was reviewed at Modsquad.
They gave it a rating of 7 points, but there were lots of user reviews rating it with 8 or even more points.

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