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Rockets UT 1.1

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The Plasma Rockets can be quite useful when combined with the Who Pushed Me mutator. (white text) That Mercury Missile missed only by an inch. Uhm... you better watch out where you fire your own Flash Missile. Locked onto Archon. But somebody tries the same with me. That'll teach you, Kosak. You shouldn't have gotten in the way of that Mega Missile... An exploding Black Shark Missile is a beautiful event, at least if you're not too close to it. Here would be a good place for a turret. The turret in action. Rockets UT combined with Enhanced Relics: Damage Amplifier and Relic of Strength. Volatile Ammo in action. Napalm Rockets and Seeking Grenades all over the place. Piloting a Redeemer missile. Friendly targets are marked differently than enemy ones. Another picture of the target lock.

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